Beauty Wish | FOODS TO AVOID POST 50
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Dietary requirements keep on changing as you start aging. Things that were perfect for you when you were a teenager or a young child might not be ideal for you in your later years. The energy requirements keeps on changing as you move from one phase to another. When you reach 50 years, your metabolism slows down significantly. As such there are certain things that you must avoid for you to live a healthy life. At this stage of life, your immunity becomes fragile, and the nutritional needs increase. Here are some of the foods that you should eliminate or reduce from your diet.


Bacon is culpable for causing arthritis in most elderly persons. Bacon is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. The fatty acids are responsible for inflammation of joints and aggravate the arthritis problem. When you consume excess omega-6 fatty acids than the omega-3 fatty acids the imbalance create leads to inflammation of joints hence,desist from consuming this food.

Processed meat

Processed meat has also been found culpable for several diseases. Severe problems such as heart attack, diabetes, and cancer have a correlation with eating processed meat.  The meat increases the chances of being attacked by those diseases and this put those above 50 years at the risk of attack. Red meat has a higher risk factor than the white meat.

Sugary foods

Foods with high sugar content are not ideal for a person who is past 50 years. Excess sugar content in your body will be converted to glucose and stored in the body. Excessive glucose presents a threat of increasing the sugar levels in your blood. Excessive sugar content in the blood puts you at risk of being attacked by diabetes. Diabetes can also attract other problems such as bone and cardiovascular issues.

Salty substances

Foods with high salt content are also inappropriate for people who are post 50. High salt content facilitates the retention of high water levels in the body. High water content can cause high blood pressure which can attract heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.