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Beauty Wish




Your days are likely filled with a long list of obligations and to-dos that you might not even choose, if you had a choice. Whether it is commuting to your job or the work itself, shopping for groceries or school supplies, attending family events and professional presentations, or even just cleaning and cooking, you find yourself “on” most of the time. It’s no wonder most of us look for ways to turn off the faucet of life once in a while, in the form of cable TV, having a few beers or browsing around on the internet. While its fine to enjoy having a beer, being a couch potato, but in the long run these bad habits will affect our beauty badly.

Beauty Wish is a community based initiative to bring awareness about our day-day activities which are effecting our beauty negatively. Our team of enthusiastic volunteers, through our various engaging events wants to promote healthy habits to build a beauty community.